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    Go 'like' our Facebook Page, which shows many of our customer's finished karts.

    If you are a customer on facebook, feel free to add your own finished Fuzion Composite's kart body to Fuzion Composites facebook page for everyone else to see.     

    Fuzion Composites is your source for the toughest kart bodies available. Besides their nice appearance, our kart bodies have a reputation for easy fit and long duribility. We're different from other composite manufactures because everything we produce is made using our exclusive closed molding processes. Our process produces the highest quality and most consistent products on the market. 

    Some customers do not understand the difference between hand laid and sprayed on fiberglass products until they check out what we produce. Our hand laid fiberglass products are much thicker, sturdier, and durable compared to sprayed on fiberglass. After customers see what we produce, they always agree a little extra money for a much stronger body is well worth it.

    Fuzion Composites' mission is to provide the kart racing community with bodies that make their owners proud.

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